Aug 23-26
Get syllabus signed & turn in, fill out opinion
survey and turn in

Aug 29-Sept. 2
-Answer the following question in a 1 page paper:
When do we need to be conscious of the type or quality of
info we use and when does it not matter? TURN IN
-Choose a personal interest topic- TELL MRS. STIGGE
-Set up an account with iGoogle, delicious (use
FirstnameMiddleinital as username)
-Add a few blog feeds to your iGoogle account on your
personal interest topic
Sept. 6-9

1. Add and print (turn in to Mrs. Stigge) 4 RSS feeds on your personal interest topic in iGoogle

2. Read attached handout for ON THE FLIP SIDE activity- fill in the
information gathering guiding questions and turn in

Sept. 12-16
1. Wed: If you miss the presentation with your
"On the Flip Side" global warming group,
fill out the info gathering sheet from last
Friday (see last week)
2. HW Wed. night: participate in the
Wikispaces discussion (tab above)- find
the posts dated Sept. 14. Answer multiple
times using formal language (no slang, etc )

3.For Friday: Do online "Determining Bias" exercise
Sept. 19-23

1. Mon: arrange to make up a quiz, do "Determining Bias" activity

2. Wed: arrange to sit down with me to set up a blog (seminar, perhaps), follow handout directions to write your first blog post (topic- questions that you would like to learn about on your personal interest topic), add your blog address to "Student Links" page on this site

3.Fri: Get an article to read and annotate from Mrs. Stigge, write a thorough response and turn in with your article annotations
Sept. 26-30

1. WED: Get an article to read and annotate from Mrs. Stigge, write a thorough response and turn in with your article annotations.

2. FRI: Write a blog post:either a response to your book so far (plot summary, characters you identify with and why, are you compelled to continue with this book and WHY or WHY NOT)
A review of one of your personal interest topic bookmarks or RSS feeds (summary of the site/page, why it interests you, how has it improved your knowledge and understanding of your topic)
Oct. 3-7

1. Monday: Read and annotate article on hacking- check out the discussion here on
wikispaces, write a thorough response and turn in
2. Wednes: Read and annotate ethics article, check out the discussion here on wikispaces, write a thorough response and turn in
3. Friday: Read and annotate privacy article, write a thorough response, turn in.
Oct. 12

1. Wed: Finish Friday's blog post- turn in grading rubric,
Complete Dewey exploration (you will need to do this in the library), get vocabulary definitions notes from a classmate or Mrs. Stigge- QUIZ Wednesday

Oct 17-20

1. Mon: Get notes from a classmate or take notes from Powerpoint attached below- How Search Engines Work---- Quiz Wed (information organization vocab and search engines notes)

2. Wed: arrange to make up the quiz, read content farm article from the folder

Oct 26, 28

1. Wednesday: Add Slideshare presentations to Delicious account, add search term feeds to iGoogle (see directions in file below) Print screen in Delicious and iGoogle or email link to Mrs. Stigge for credit

2. Friday: a. Watch "Get started" and "Go to the next level" on b. Read Prezi project rubric c. complete Prezi planning form below d. begin creating your Prezi- due Friday Nov. 4th

Nov. 2-4

1. Wednesday: Prezi work period (see Friday's directions); Prezi due Friday- be sure you have a link on

2. Friday: a. All Prezi rubrics are turned in for grading b. Take a look at each of these digital video tools: Animoto, Xtranormal, and Screenr (Google them and explore the website and sample videos) c. Fill out video planning guide below and read rubric d. begin video- we will only have two class periods to complete the video (Due Wednesday the 16th)

Nov. 7-11

1. Monday: Google Cerner's "About Us" page and write three questions you have about their company or product that you could ask a guest speaker ; Work on video project

2. Wednesday: Cerner guest speaker- turn in your three questions from Monday

3. Friday: Last class period to work on video; post your video link to wikispaces; Video, link, and rubric due Wed, beginning of class
Nov 16-18

1. Wednesday: turn in video rubric (video due), discussion partnership with Graduate students via 3 new blog posts (directions and rubric below)- due Friday

2. Friday: finish 3 blog posts, grade yourself in pencil on your rubric, turn rubric in
Nov. 21

1. Monday: Boolean and Advanced Operators lesson and exercises (download below): complete and turn in

2. Wed and Fri: Have a wonderful and thankful break!
Nov. 28-Dec. 2

1. Wednesday: Turn in Boolean and Advanced Operators worksheet, complete Keyword refinement worksheet (download below), see Mrs. Stigge for a search challenge partnership

2. Friday: Complete and turn in search challenges
Dec. 5-9

1. Monday: Read "On the Flip Side" packet, do preliminary research to get a general understanding of the topic; you will need to get your role from your group when you return

2. Wed: Research day for group project (find out from your group what you need to be working on)

3. Friday: Last prep day for project: should have research and presentations complete